Century Arms RH-10 AK-47 7.62 X 39 16.5″ 30-Round | The Century Arms WASR-10 is an AK-47 type 7.62x39mm semi-automatic from Romania. Century Arms of Delray Beach, Florida has long imported surplus arms from other countries such as Romania and Russia. Combining these two passions, the WASR-10 is an affordable Made in Romania version of the iconic AK-47 semi-automatic rifle originally developed back in the USSR.

The WASR-10 name is a superficially undecipherable. But it’s an acronym derived from the multi-signatory 1996 Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-Automatic Rifles export arms legislation held in the Netherlands. And the “10”? The gun was originally designed to work only with 10-round single-stack magazines. However, subsequent modifications by Century Arms permit it to be used with various 30-round double-stack magazines as well. Century Arms has made further changes including using its own trigger, etc., to make the gun comply with American laws.

Despite the price, the gun carries what you might need. For starters, the gun has an AK slant compensator (muzzle brake) whose profile pitches backwards from bottom to top.

The high-tensile forged trunnion sits just behind the upper handguard. That this part is so strong is important since it serves as a critical juncture for key components.

At the bottom is Century Arms’ own American made single-stage RAK-1 enhanced trigger group that includes the hammer, trigger, disconnector, etc.

Honoring the original AK-47s, the WASR-10 has a stamped receiver and a mounting dock to which is mated a side-mount scope rail on the receiver’s left-hand side. This provides a Picatinny rail. Using an Allen wrench, it’s easy to mount the scope rail.

The WASR-10 has a chrome-lined 16.25” long forged barrel with a 1 to 10” twist, a 14×1 LH thread and a bayonet lug. Overall length is 34.25” while weight is 7.5 pounds.

The furniture is American maple and the pistol grip is matte black polymer. The gun comes standard with a classic ribbed and curved 30-round detachable magazine and accepts all other AK-47 compatible mags.

There are three variations of this primary model. The WASR-10 California Compliant has a 10-round magazine and an interesting black fin grip versus the traditional pistol grip, and it lacks the compensator. The WASR-10 UF has a folding stock. Overall length rises to 37.75” with stock extended and collapses to 26.00” folded. The last version is the same as the stock WASR-10 except it lacks the bayonet lug and compensator. Century Arms RH-10 AK-47 7.62 X 39 16.5″ 30-Round

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