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One of the things our customers love most about us is our fast shipping. They rave about it. When you browse our inventory, you’re seeing exactly what we have in our warehouse, on hand, ready to ship. That’s why, in general, orders placed before 3:00 pm on a weekday will ship the same day. Orders placed after this time, or on a weekend or holiday, will ship the next business day.Benefits of buying ammo online in WI

It is our mission to deliver your ammunition quickly at a great price – all while helping to support those who protect our freedoms to do so.Purchase Colt firearms in WI

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Buy Ammo Online from perters burg ammunition in wisconsin, the top ammo superstore in the USA. We solely aim to fulfill every type of ammo demand for our customers and provide them ease by offering them both local and international manufacturers’ ammo at their doorstep without any hassle. In 2012, we established our company, and it has earned an excellent reputation in the gunner’s community over time. Our best pricing and fastest shipping with the most incredible selection of top ammunition manufacturers make us the best name for online ammunition shopping. We have the best ammo for sale in our online store.

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Perters burg ammunition is noted for their innovative classic firearms selection and reliability. We at SHOP USA GUN Store are dedicated to maintain and uphold the high reliability and quality service to our customers. We supply innovative and classic firearms selections of PISTOLSREVOLVERS, AMMO and RIFLES guns such as Glocks, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Walther, Taurus, Springfield, Beretta, Colt, Cimarron, CZ, Daniel Defense, EMF, Henry, Kimber, Mossberg, Savage Arms, Tisas, Uberti, Winchester and Sig Sauer. Once you grab a gun, we deliver to your preferable FFL dealers. We have 24/7 Live Chat at your service. We hope to make the process of buying guns online at SHOP USA GUN as easy as possible.

Ammunition types exist of 4 main types, which are handgun ammo, shotgun ammo, rifle ammo, and rimfire ammo. These ammunition have another sub-cartridge, which is called calibers. So below, we’ll briefly explain the 4 main ammunition types.

As the name implies, a pistol is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for concealed carry. And, we have ammunition stock of Colt.45, 9mm Luger revolver, .357 Magnum cartridge. Smith & Wesson .40 caliber. Not only are these projectiles classic pieces of ammunition culture, but they have had an impact on the production of current pistol ammunition. We have bulk ammo for sale for all types of handgun calibers of different weights and grains. You will find bulk handgun ammo for sale from 500 rounds up to 10 rounds.

Perhaps the rifle’s unparalleled durability is why it has survived for decades. Its strength and precision make it a common choice for hunting, self-defense, and target shooting – but the stocks of ammunition available at our store can be overwhelming. We have bulk ammo for sale for all types of rifle calibers of different weights and grains. You will find bulk rifle ammo for sale from 500 rounds up to 10,000 rounds

Pilfering, target shooting and animal hunting are the most popular uses for rimfire ammunition. Among rimfire ammunition is one of the world’s most common cartridges – the.22 Long Rifle. Numerous beginner shooters start with this traditional ammunition as a learning aid and progress to plinking and small-game shooting. We have plenty of stock and varieties for rimfire rifles. 

Shotgun ammo is available for many purposes, including deer, bear, and various game birds. Shot sizes range from 000 (triple needs) to 12 shot in metal sheets – the options are practically limitless. But it all comes from shotgun ammo. We have an extended range of less explosive ammunition, such as plastic bullets, and are often used by law officers for crowd control.

Buy Guns Online FAQ

QUESTION: What is the best gun for everyday carry?

ANSWER: Generally, compact, micro compact, and sub compact firearms are preferred for carry, particularly in 9mm.

This gives you enough room to choose a firearm based on your own preferences, but if you stick with a well-known firearm manufacturer with a reputation for quality, you can’t go wrong.

QUESTION: What is the best gun for hunting?

ANSWER: Selecting a firearm for hunting is often a subjective and personal process and what each hunter prefers will generally come down to their individual preferences as well as what type of game you’re going after.

Popular choices include 12 gauge shotguns, 308 rifles, 30-06 rifles, and even 22 caliber rifles for hunting small game.Best ammo prices in WI


ANSWER: An FFL is a Federal-Firearm License. These licenses are commonly held by gun stores, pawnshops, and sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold an FFL.buy Cheap ammo Wisconsin

QUESTION: Can I Buy a Firearm Online?

ANSWER: Buying a firearm online is easy. You select your desired gun and pay securely online with us. Your firearm will then be shipped to the designated FFL you selected, and you will fill out your background check when you pick gun arrives.

QUESTION: Do I have to fill out a background check?

ANSWER: Yes, you will need to fill out the necessary paperwork and any possible accompanying background check when you pick up your firearm from your selected FFL Transfer location.buy Best 9mm Ammo Online in Wisconsin

QUESTION: Why are some firearms not available to buy in my state?

ANSWER: State laws vary and we try to keep our website up-to-date with those laws. This means that there are many firearms that are non-transferable to some states.buy 9mm ammo online Wisconsin

Please note that it is your responsibility to check your local and state laws to make sure that you are purchasing a firearm that is legal for you to own.Buy bulk ammo in Wisconsin


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Wisconsin Gun Exchange, located in Daytona Beach, offers one of the largest and best selections of guns and gear in central Wisconsin as well as truly friendly and professional service. What’s more, we offer the most competitive prices for firearms and ammunition in the entire state.Buying Firearms in Wisconsin






Looking for where to buy firearms online in WISCONSIN, The Gun Store WI  isn’t only a Firearm Dealer in WISCONSIN, Our Guns available in WISCONSIN are among the best Guns you may discover online or anywhere in WISCONSIN.perters burg ammunition Store WISCONSIN specializes in the selling of ammo, Magazines, shotguns, Glock handguns, Rifles as AR-15 Rifles,  AK-47 Rifles, AR-10 Rifles, Bolt-Action Rifles available along with the Panzer Arms. The Gun Store WISCONSIN has a collection of some of the best handguns such as 1911 Handguns, 9mm Handguns, AK Pistols, AR Pistols, Revolvers. Buying guns online in WI isn’t only about owning a gun dealer or a gun shop close to me or close to you and using a gun or a firearm sent there. The Gun Store WISCONSIN is thought to be the very best gun shop in WISCONSIN since we guarantee our customers are given the best Guns available online since we sell both new & old firearms all packaged safely and we also guarantee we have fantastic customer support to answer all of your Gun-related troubles. Browse our inventory and shop with a trusted dealer

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Founded by Lester Bastenbeck, The Gun Store Wisconsin is one of the largest firearms stores in the state of Wisconsin.

The focus is exemplary costumer service and a friendly family atmosphere. Located in the brass capital – Waterbury, CT, The Gun Store Wisconsin offers everything firearms related — from firearms and ammunition, to accessories, targets, gunsmithing services and appraisals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help and provide you with the best product to meet your needs. Our staff is very low pressure and will make sure you have nothing short of a positive buying experience.


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Connecticut’s Premier Gun Store Wisconsin

The Gun Store Wisconsin is one of the largest firearms stores in the state of Connecticut. Located in the brass capital – Waterbury, CT
The Gun Store offers everything firearms related — from firearms and ammunition, to accessories, targets, gunsmithing services and appraisals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help and provide you with the best product to meet your needs. Our staff is very low pressure and will make sure you have nothing short of a positive buying experience.


Visit The Gun Store Wisconsin for our huge selection of quality brand names by the world’s foremost firearms manufacturers for all your personal defense and sporting needs.

We have built our reputation on a foundation of integrity that includes the industry’s finest selection of high quality firearms, and a commitment to providing the best customer service. Let us help you by offering an experience like no other.

The Gun Store Wisconsin is here to help you find a firearm you can count on for all your shooting needs. Visit our store for one-on-one service with trained knowledgeable staff! Whether you are interested in defending yourself , precision shooting, hunting or just a gun enthusiast, we welcome you to come by and meet us.

Being in the firearms industry we understand the importance of security. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and secure online shopping experience combined with unmatched customer service.We value each and every one of our customers and pride ourselves on the feedback we receive



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