Rock River Arms LAR15 NM A2 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle 223 Wylde 20″ Barrel Stainless and Black Pistol Grip

Original price was: $1,385.00.Current price is: $1,285.00.

The LAR15 series of rifles from Rock River Arms are built with extremely tight tolerances and the highest quality components. Every LAR15 has the same receiver, but the differences are very apparent from there. The NM A2 is Rock River’s take on the classic M16A2 platform. The NM A2 features a fixed A2 stock and carry handle, mil spec A2 hand guard, and the same feel as the original A2’s. The similarities between this rifle and the A2 change from there. This rifle is equipped with a stainless steel, heavy, match barrel, two stage chrome match trigger, match rear sight, and more!